Thursday, February 5, 2009

My recent creations

I haven't posted in a while, and haven't gotten to craft as much as I'd like. We've been working on our house remodel, and in addition to being so busy, our house was a wreck and I didn't have much room, especially clean room, to work in. But I have my stuff in it's new space now, and while I didn't get to work on much, I did create a few works over the last six weeks or so.
So I'm posting here to catch up.

This is a card using Melanie Muenchinger's Hand-in-Hand set that I made for my neighbor, whose grandson was recently diagnosed with Children's Leukemia. He has a wonderful family and lots of people praying for his recovery, and is doing well.

This is a Stampingbella birthday card for a lady I work with who also likes to craft.

I made these two altered notebooks for Christmas presents for two ladies I work with. One is definitely the "princess" of the bunch, and the other, the "diva." Used Melanie Muenchinger's Little Tees set on both.

And this is the card I completed tonight...another using Melanie's Hand-in-Hand set. Long story, but my son has once again been kicked out of his daycare. His teacher is amazing, loves my son, (and he adores her), so I made her this card to thank her for all she did for him.

and the inside of the card:

I have one more card, a baby shower one, but need to find the pictures of it. I believe my husband photographed it for me, so it's probably still on his camera. It was, what else, but Melanie's Hand-in-Hand set again!!! I love this set. It is versatile and touching and unique.

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Jennie said...

Beautiful cards Nicole! Love the Hand in Hand ones...I think I need that set now *~*